The story of Huntsman

We're a simple Australian-based husband and wife duo that's passionate about quality craftsmanship, sustainability and giving back to the community. We created Huntsman with three clear and simple goals:

  • Make quality, well-made shoes affordable and accessible to every man around the world;
  • Minimise our environmental footprint by creating quality shoes that reduces the need for replacement and internal processes that minimises waste; and
  • Create a sustainable platform to raise awareness for and financially support the incredible work of our not-for-profit partner - Spur Afrika - in Kenya.
  • We believe that shoes are more than what we wear to cover our feet, beyond this they are our companion through life’s journey and stand with us through the highs and the lows. They are with us through life’s most memorable and important moments – the interview for your dream job, saying “I do” at the altar, your child’s graduation or your dance with your daughter at her wedding. Shoes don’t just protect our feet but they help us stand, give us height, confidence and communicate our sense of individuality. They help speak of who we are and provide us with support, whether we realise it or not.

    On behalf of the entire Huntsman family - including our shoemakers, suppliers, supporters, friends and family and our not-for-profit partner, Spur Afrika - we want to say a huge thank you for your support we're looking forward to our shoes journeying with you in this wonderful thing called life :)