Look amazing, feel great and make a difference.

One of the key reasons my wife and I started Huntsman together is to create a sustainable and scaleable platform to give back and help support the less fortunate. We're thrilled to partner with Spur Afrika, an Australian not-for-profit that engages with, educates and empowers disadvantaged children living in the Kibera slums in Kenya.

My wife and I are so excited about the impact that we can have together as a #teamhuntsman family with the aim of providing certainty and stability to those who are supported through this program as well as fostering a stronger sense of hope, belief and love.

It is our pledge to contribute A$10 from every pair of Huntsman shoe sold to help support the sustainable, impactful and life-changing work of Spur Afrika.

Our Partnership with Spur Afrika

Spur Afrika is a not-for-profit organisation that joins communities across Australia and Kenya who work to provide education, health and life skills for children and youth living in the poverty-stricken Kibera slums. Spur Afrika's mission is to:

  • Engage the local community through authentic mentorship, culturally sensitive initiatives and sustainable programs
  • Empower children and young adults with skills to transform not only their lives but the lives of their families and communities
  • Educate through the provision of schooling, extra-curricular activities and public health programs

We are incredibly excited about this wonderful partnership and the opportunity to play our part. Together, we strongly believe that we as a #teamhuntsman family can make a positive impact and give these young children the best opportunity to create a bright future for themselves. We highly encourage you to visit their website and watch the introductory video below to learn more about their mission, program and impact!